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Health Invest Finland and CellMark Medical announce global partnership
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Global partnership

CellMark to Help Accelerate Global Deployments of Health Invest’s My+Care™, First End-to-End, Cloud-Based Elder Care System


HELSINKI – Health Invest Finland Oy, a digital healthcare, firm, and CellMark Medical, a division of CellMark AB, today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the global deployments of Health Invest’s My+Care™, the industry’s first end-to-end, cloud-based elder care system. CellMark’s expertise in medical device distribution, logistics and sales support will enable My+Care™ to gain traction with healthcare facilities around the world. The partnership will cover Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and the Middle East.


Health Invest recently announced a funding round of $1.5 million, and is expanding into the US market this year. The company has deployed My+Care™ into two living labs in Europe and Asia, and has 2018 expansion plans for China. Health Invest is targeting a global market for Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare tech and devices that is predicted to increase to $162.9 billion by 2020.


The initial My+Care™ living labs have installed a system that connects all patient data, including movements and vital signs, through a network that involves caregivers, family members, and related partners. My+Care™ employs patented artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and IoT solutions to enable exponentially greater intelligence in decision-making and action. Health Invest will deploy Big Data solutions to deliver real-time care; with My+Care™ Smart Data, for example, many critical injuries and incidents can be prevented, and healthcare resources are more efficiently allocated.


Based on patented innovations from Mostafa Hanifi, the chief technology officer of Health Invest, My+Care™ is a networked system that receives patient data from proprietary wristbands and smart wireless beacons that are networked to caregivers through a mobile application and dashboard that details personalized reports to a network that can include hospitals, nursing houses, care-giving companies and all relevant persons, including relatives, doctors and nurses. Using the My+Care™ Cloud, facilities can manage networked communication in real-time. The My+Care™ service-solution is designed with machine learning algorithms that can deliver predictive care, based on personalized data. Unlike competitors’ solutions, My+Care’s AI algorithms learn over time, creating smarter decisions and detecting patient abnormalities.


“Together, with CellMark, we have the experience and the network to vastly increase the awareness and the actual deployment of My+Care™,” said Kalle Söderholm, Chairman of the Board of Health Invest. “CellMark’s renowned IT platform and their expertise in the medical device industry provide an ideal partner for us, and we look forward to changing the way elder care is performed on a global basis.”


According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the number of elder persons (aged 65 years or over) is expected to more than double from 841 million people in 2013 to more than 2 billion in 2050. More than $30 billion is spent annually in the US on healthcare related to falls, which is the leading cause of death due to injury among the elderly.


“I’m very excited to see how our extensive partnership with Health Invest Finland is evolving. Based on mutual trust and transparency, Health Invest Finland and CellMark have created a business concept to secure supply of the My+Care™ hardware and a structure to provide service for customers worldwide,” said Niclas Möttus Olsson, President CellMark Medical. “We believe that this agreement and future collaboration between our two companies is the way forward that will lead to sustainable business growth and improved patient outcomes in a world that is ageing fast.”


The My+Care™ service-solution is comprised of several key patented technologies and innovations from Health Invest, including:smart wristband that is dust and water resistant which integrates pedometer, accelerometer, and body temperature sensor; indoor and outdoor connectivity and location sensing, using GSM/GPRS/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons; integrates long-life battery, lasting one week outdoor and one month indoor dashboard which provides a planning and workflow tool so that patient’s locations and safety parameters are established, including alert notifications when patients exit a safe zone BLE beacon which covers 50-75 square meters of indoor area, and 500-700 meters of outdoor area. The BLE beacon significantly extends the battery life of the wristband, due to more efficient energy data transport.




Founded in 2015, Health Invest develops and deploys intelligent technologies and solutions for intelligent healthcare delivery. The company’s patented innovations are based on the founders’ decades of experience in the development of advanced wireless systems. Health Invest has created a service-solution, My+Care™ that leverages AI and IoT technologies. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Health Invest operates in Europe, Asia, with expansion plansand for North America. For more information, visit and




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