My+Care® Data Analytics

My+Care® Data Analytics

By preforming and using Data Analytics, My+Care® pioneering technology is enable to generate and interpret data in order to produce enhanced value for the client as well as the care facility or home setting the client is living in.

The enhanced value factors produced by Data Analytics can be improving elements such as resource management, being able to predict upcoming occurrences regarding the client’s health and generally strengthen their living standards.

Development staff who are responsible about the Data Analytics here at My+Care®, gave some insights on their work;

1. What is the most interesting in your work
and why?

The most interesting aspects in Data Analytics are the future possibilities of being able to analyze the data collected by the system. The framework is extendable so it is possible to include more different types of devices to that same framework. The data collected by the devices and wearables offers virtually endless number of research questions and possibilities to create value for the customers. 

2. How do you see your daily work influencing the future of My+Care® users? 

Today: Our system would help healthcare personnel in their daily work.
Future: In the big picture My+Care® has the potential to have a big effect on elderly care. The healthcare sector will inevitably be digitalized and the data usage possibilities resulting from digitalization are enormous. Analyzed data will bring healthcare to the next level and improve the quality of people’s lives. 

3. Has the recent implementation of GDPR changed your way of working in any way?

GDPR makes it more clear, the IT systems have to be secure by design instead of just adding security features like bricks on top of the system. Also, collecting personal data and profiling people requires a legal basis in all cases. 

My+Care® and the Data Analytics behind it is what makes this new type of healthcare responsive and effective, as well as safe and secure.