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Benefits for My+Care™ users

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Automatic alerts are effective way to alert relatives and caregivers in case of any critical incident, emergency or daily task. Solution give users' the freedom to travel wherever they would like to go and stay safe.


In case of emergency solution provides efficient tools define users' location instantly and all other critical details with the one view. All gathered data can be used to optimize the service and giving automatic expectations of critical alerts in the future.


Solution simplifies the treatment and care relationship between healthcare professionals, users and their relatives. Efficient allocation of personnel and resources in general, are the key to smart management of health care institutions. Solution helps elderly in their most critical daily emergencies and allows their caregivers to receive information on their well-being.

Predictive Analytics

Solution users' have the potential benefit of better outcomes due to predictive analytics. With My+Care™ Smart Data, most of the critical injuries and incidents may be prevented even before they happen. When Big Data is refined with Adaptive Algorithms we receive Smart Data that enables the solution to predict potential threats and inform the caregivers about them.

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