My+Care™ChronMed benefits to the users


Pharmacy & Retail

Drug delivery service possibility for 1-28 days drugs to the customers (tablets or capsules and dose pouches)

Public Administrations

Cost savings for the healthcare organisations. Nurses get more time for patient care with the help of the automated dispenser.

Care Units

More effective care and patients can take the medication more independently.


Pain medication and opioids

No too much, not too less medication. Lockable device ensures the right medication and prevents misuse of the medication



Reminders to take the medication at the right time


Adherence in Chronical diseases and after surgeries

Proven higher compliance



Can be used anywhere and it´s easy to carry with you.


Medication patient data

With My+Care: medication data collection and global cloud service


Diverse possibilities to distribute the medication

Single dose and multi dose function. Can be used also with dose pouches.

Q & A – ChronMed

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How do I load medication into the ChronMed dispenser?
  • Loader has to ensure they follow the instructions given by the pharmacist or doctor with regards to the dose amount and timing.
  • Slot 1 is always the first dose of the day.
  • You can use the dosage calendar when loading or you can see the number of the slot in the bottom of the device.
  • For example if you use the 14 slot cassette and you take two doses per day; slot 1 is the morning dose, slot 2 the evening dose, slot 3 morning dose and slot 4 evening dose and slot 5 morning dose etc.
How much medication can be stored in the ChronMed device?
  • There is a 14 slot and 28 slot cassette with the ChronMed and the user can select which one they would like to use.
  • Recommended volume of medication per slot & per cassette varies depending on the size of the medicine.
  • For example an average paracetamol tablet size is 10mm x 5mm, using this as a benchmark:
    • 14 slot cassette (slot volume 12170 mm3): 16 tablets per slot
    • 28 slot cassette (slot volume 5888 mm3): 8 tablets per slot
How many alarms can I setup per day?
  • 1-4 alarms. There has to be at least four hours between the alarm times. For example, if you set the alarm at 09:00, the next available alarm time will be 13:00, and then at 17:00 and so on.
  • This system is in place as an added safety step, and to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of time before the next dose of medication is taken.
How much time do I have to take the applicable dose of medication before ChronMed moves to the next slot?
  • Three hours. For example if you set the alarm at 09:00 AM, you have to take the dose during 08:00 – 11:00 AM
What happens if I do not take the correct dose at within the alloted window of time (i.e., three hours after the initial alarm)?
  • If you forget to take the applicable dose of medication, the Chronmed will skip this dose, and move on to the subsequent dose.
  • ChronMed gives only the right medication  at the right time.
  • For example, if you  fail to take your evening dose at, you can’t take it in the morning.
How do I setup the first dose?
  • ChronMed requires a minimum of one hour for setup time, i.e., the first dose of medication can be dispensed one hour after setup is complete
  • For example, if  he present time is 08:00 AM and you have complete the initial setup, the first dose of medication can be dispensed at 09:00 AM.
  • If you were to set the talarm ime for under one hour from the present time, the ChronMed operating system assumes that you have already taken the first applicable dose, and will move to the second slot and dispense this dose of medication.
How do I retrieve the applicable dose of medication from ChronMed?
  • An alarm will sound from ChronMed at the preprogramed time, notifying the user that it is time to take the applicable dose of medication.
  • When the user is ready to take the medication – within the allotted three timeframe – the user simply push the middle of the three buttons within the central control panel. Then the user opens the dispensing compartment at the top of the ChronMed device (and below the central control panel) and retrieves the applicable dose of medication.
  • This indicates to ChronMed that the applicable does of medication has been taken, and that ChronMed should advance to the next slot in the cassette in readiness to dispense the next round of medication.
My ChronMed isn’t providing an alarm at the preprogrammed time, why is this happening?
  • You have programmed the alarm time during a previous dosage window. I.e., if it is currently 10.00 and the first alarm went off at 09.00 AM, you need to set the next alarm for at least 12.00 AM – after the current dose window.
  • This is why you don’t hear the alarm, and the ChronMed device will not give the dose.
Once the ChronMed device is empty, what happens?
  • ChronMed will wait until you load the cassette with new medication. After loading ChronMed starts giving doses again.
How to reboot the device?
  • Take the batteries off for 10 minutes. Put the batteries on. Then press button 3 for 3 seconds. The display will read “SIHO”. Press button 2 and the cassette returns to the initial position. Then press button 3 for 3 seconds.
Is the ChronMed device child proof?
  • Children can also use the dispenser, but it is also possible to lock the ChronMed if needed.