My+Care® – Totally secure digital ecosystem

Ecosystem of Trust – For each of the people and institutions we serve, we understand just how important trust is.


Just as the physical security of each of the vulnerable people weserve is a consistent top priority, we have likewise put in place robust safeguards to ensure that defenses against all security breaches are maintained.


My+Care® provides all users with the independence, privacy and quality way of life they deserve, while at the same time ensuring their safety – wherever they are.


My+Care® approach to every aspect of the services we provide is to place them within an ecosystem of trust, in which personal information is systematically safeguarded at all times.


Unlike many legacy systems, My+Care® is following all data privacy regulation requirements. Following GDPR and HIPAA means your information is secured.

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Learn more about how My+Care® can improve the quality and security of vulnerable patients and family members.


My+Care® – Enhancing the quality of life

My+Care® pioneering technology generates and interprets data to deliver healthcare for the specific needs of the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Whether used in a care facility or by health professionals in a home setting, My+Care® monitors and assesses each patient’s health to expertly coordinate the optimal use of finite resources.

Care ecosystem

My+Care® provides an individually tailored end-to-end ecosystem of care that’s versatile and highly cost efficient. We empower caregivers to be more responsive and caring within a secure environment that supports each user’s interactive engagement and optimal independence.


Public Administrations

My+Care® enables taking care of elders in their own homes instead of often much more costly nursing facilities. Your caregiving resources can be efficiently utilized while supporting at-risk people’s’ wish to stay in familiar surroundings, in part by providing smart data to help prevent injuries and accidents.


Hospitals & Care units

For hospital and other care unit administrators, My+Care® can greatly enhance the monitoring of each patient’s health and wellbeing while optimizing the efficiency of your staff. Additionally, in case of emergencies, the precise location of each patient – and the nature of the alert – can be determined, whether they are indoors or outdoors.


Caregivers (Nurses etc.)

My+Care® is specifically designed to support professional caregivers who work directly with patients. From supporting swift action in case of emergencies and facilitating clearer communication with colleagues, to providing quickly accessible health data summaries, My+Care® improves the quality of personal, face-to-face care.



With My+Care®, family members can have real peace of mind that their loved ones are medically stable and safe in their home. Geo fencing ensures that your elderly relative won’t leave their secure environment – while still respecting their sense of independence.


Seniors (Users)

For many seniors, being able to maintain the lifestyle you are used to – in your own home – is of great value. the security in their own home. With My+Care® you now have a way to stay both independent and secure. My+Care® offers a reliable way to alert both relatives and professional caregivers in case of you fall, get lost or experience critical changes in your body temperature.

ChronMed – programmable medication

We developed My+Care® ChronMed to help seniors stay active while also reminding them to take their medicines – wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. Designed to work seamlessly with My+Care® ChronMed supports extended independent living through safe and precisely timed administering of medications.


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